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About Us

APSG Engineering Pvt Ltd was formed during the year 2016 with the core objective of creating sustainable, planet friendly & health friendly products. APSG Engineering is based out of Bangalore, INDIA and focus on product development, product distribution & engineering consulting solutions. The resources of the globe are severely exploited by the mankind over a period of several years. APSG would like be a part the efforts by some of the greatest and kindest organizations to protect the environment as well as manage the resources for the forthcoming generation. And for this, APSG’s founders along with the team wanted to use their years of combined engineering and program management experience.

At this moment, we are working with some of the premier organizations on consulting & product development solutions, we have conceptualized our planet friendly, health focused & waste management products and are in the process of development, we are into the distribution of engineered fitness products, we are partnered with some of the best engineering & innovative organizations, we make sure that we participate on environmental friendly programs without a fail either for awareness campaign or to make a difference.

Propel Innovation through Engineering Cognizance


To create flagship products and solutions which address the planet and all it’s entities towards progress and prosperity.
Value proposition

Leadership Team

Karthik Shankaran
Karthik Shankaran
Co-founder & Director – Consulting Solutions

Over 22 Years experience in the area of Engineering, Simulation and  Optimization.
Karthik has Managed Engineering programs for about 9 years in USA with organizations like JCI Tech Center Plymouth, GM Warren Tech Center and Magna Powertrain East Syracuse etc. Over a period of time he has also led several Automotive & Non Automotive ( Healthcare, Electronics, Heavy Engineering, Agricultural Machines etc) Engineering and product development programs across the customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

At APSG, Karthik heads the engineering consulting strategic business unit and is responsible for consulting on inhouse as well as customer programs.

Karthik is a gold medalist on Bachelors in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from Bangalore University, Bangalore, INDIA. Karthik has tremendous interest in Vedic scriptures and has always put the efforts to learn , understand & implement the principles from the same. Karthik try to participate on spiritual events and conferences whenever he find time and also enjoys Carnatic classical music.

Nishant J Hampapur
Nishant Jayachandra
Cofounder & Director – Operations & Product development

About 19 Years experience in the area of Product Life Cycle Engineering with special emphasis on Value Analysis, Value Engineering and Product development.
Nishant has managed product development programmes across customers in US, Europe & India. The highlight of his career is that he has worked and managed some of the key Pneumatic tools and Material Handling equipment product development programmes at premier organizations like Ingersoll Rand. He has also worked with one of India’s premier science institution , the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE.

At APSG, Nishant is in charge of the product development strategic business unit both for inhouse and customer programs as well as operations.

Nishant has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Dr AIT, Bangalore University, Bangalore, INDIA. Nishant’s main interest is in research on various subjects and he also conduct several charity programmes at different levels.

Niju Nair
Niju Nair
Co-Founder & Director – Sales & Marketing

Over 17 Years plus years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development , Account management & strategic initiatives for engineering solutions, engineering products & software solutions.

Niju has worked on all the phases of business right from pre-sales , Sales support, business development, Account management, Strategic business partnerships, Distribution & Channel sales management etc across North America, Europe & Asia Paciifc. He has experience with Industry verticals such as Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Healthcare, Sports Technology, Agriculture etc. Niju has also worked very closely with the Marketing & brand building team to come up with the right strategies to the business throughout his career.

At APSG, Niju’s role and responsibility is totally into Sales & Marketing of consulting solutions and products.

Niju holds a Bachelor of technology in Mechanical Engineering from Kannur University, Kerala, INDIA & also a Masters in International Business. Niju travels a lot and is very keen to explore new places all the time. He plays tennis and is an ardent reader of books on several categories.